About me

   I have a passion for firearms. Shooting them, building them, problem-solving & repairing them, talking about them and teaching others about them are all things I love to do.

  My love of guns started at a young age. My Dad was in the Marine Corps and it was from him that I learned about and started my lifelong  relationship with all things firearms. I've been a serious shooting enthusiast since the age of 10.

  I own and shoot AR-15's AR-10"s 9MM AR"s, AK-47 ,GLOCKS and many other types of guns like the Remington 700 PSS that's pictured.

  I have done troubleshooting and repairs on many guns including AR-15's, PPK, Glocks, Berettas, 1911's, Sigs, and AK-47 type rifles.

  I love building AR-15's and have built many.

  I reload ammo and own three Dillon reloading presses.

  I go to gun shows as often as possible and frequently go shooting with friends both indoors and outdoors.

  I'm constantly reading articles both on the Internet and in magazines to stay up to date as well as further my knowledge on anything & everything gun-related.

  I started this site in January 2011.  Please contact me for any of my services. Check out my gun articles page for helpful information and advice. I will be adding to it regularly. 

I moved here to Las Vegas, NV in July 2011 and have met many friends & customers here.

As of January 2014 I became a NRA certified Chief Range Safety Officer , Certified Home Firearms Safety " Certified Pistol " ,Personal Protection In The Home  and Personal Protection outside the Home. 

As of 2015 I've worked as well as a CRSO for ShotShow media Day and have meet many new friends in the gun Industry too.

Thanks for visiting my web site and safe and happy shooting!